Dr. Lisa Anthony, INIT Lab Director

Lisa is an Assistant Professor in the CISE Department at UF. Over the last decade, she has worked on multimodal and advanced interaction technologies, such as speech, touch, and gesture, especially for children in the context of educational interfaces. Lisa earned her PhD in human-computer interaction from Carnegie Mellon University in 2008, and spent two years at Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Laboratories and two years at UMBC prior to joining UF in August 2013.




PhD Students

Alex Shaw, PhD in Computer Engineering

Alex Shaw is a member of the INIT Lab and is currently working on the $-Family of Gesture Recognizers project. These are designed to be lightweight, easy to implement recognizers for UI prototypes on touch screens. His work focuses on improving these recognition algorithms to have higher accuracy with gestures provided by children. Alex’s research interests include computer science education, artificial intelligence, intelligent systems, and human-computer interaction.




Aishat Aloba, PhD in Computer Science, TBD

Aishat Aloba is a member of the INIT Lab and is currently working on the Wacom project and the Kids Pose project. Her interests include human computer interaction, machine learning, technologies for children, and app development.





Jeremiah Blanchard, PhD in Computer Engineering, TBD

Jeremiah Blanchard is a member of the INIT Lab and is working on a bridge between educational and production programming languages. He has a passion for the education and computer science fields and is particularly interested in the nexus of these important topics (and game development as it relates to these topics).




Nikita Soni, PhD in Computer Science, TBD

Nikita Soni is the Website Manager and a Graduate Research Assistant for the INIT Lab. She is responsible for maintaining the INIT Lab website, and is also working on the TIDESS Project. Her work focuses on understanding how children and adults engage with and learn from large interactive touchscreen interfaces such as tabletops and spherical displays. Nikita’s research interests include human-computer interaction and UX research.




Shaghayegh Esmaeili, PhD in Computer Science, TBD

Shaghayegh Esmaeili is a member of the INIT lab and is currently working on the children’s interaction with voice interfaces and speech recognition which helps improving children experience when working with different voice technologies. Her research interests include human-computer interaction, child-computer interaction and UI/UX design






Undergraduate Students

Schuyler Gleaves, BS in Computer Science, TBD

Schuyler Gleaves is an undergraduate student majoring in Computer Science, and is a member of the INIT Lab. His interests include application development centered around Human-Computer interaction. He is currently working on developing sphere applications for the TIDESS Project.




Former Students