Dr. Lisa Anthony

Lisa is an Associate Professor in the CISE Department at UF. Over the last fifteen years, she has worked on multimodal and advanced interaction technologies, such as speech, touch, and gesture, especially for children in the context of educational interfaces. Lisa earned her PhD in human-computer interaction from Carnegie Mellon University in 2008, and spent two years at Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Laboratories and two years at UMBC prior to joining UF in August 2013.


Email: lanthony@cise.ufl.edu
INIT Lab Position: INIT Lab Director
Personal Website: http://lisa-anthony.com/


INIT Lab PhD student Jeremiah Blanchard defends his dissertation!

Today, the INIT Lab is proud to announce that PhD student Jeremiah Blanchard defended his dissertation work “Building Bridges: Dual-Modality Instruction and Introductory Programming Coursework” this afternoon! We held the defense virtually due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions. Jeremiah’s committee members were myself (chair), Dr. Christina Gardner-McCune (co-chair), Dr. Joseph […]


Aishat and Nikita both pass dissertation proposals this week!

This week was a big one for the INIT lab! Two PhD students, Aishat Aloba, and Nikita Soni, both in the UF CISE Human-Centered Computing (HCC) PhD program successfully defended their dissertation proposals! Aishat’s topic is centered around whole-body interaction for children, and is entitled “Tailoring Motion Recognition Systems to […]


INIT Lab PhD student Alex Shaw defends his dissertation!

The INIT lab is proud to share that PhD student Alex Shaw defended his dissertation work “Automatic Recognition of Children’s Touchscreen Stroke Gestures” earlier today! Due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, we held the defense virtually. Alex’s committee members were myself (chair), Dr. Jaime Ruiz, Dr. Eakta Jain, Dr. Damon […]


Upcoming paper to appear at SIGCSE’2020!

INIT Lab PhD student (and full-time UF CISE lecturer) Jeremiah Blanchard‘s latest paper on hybrid blocks- and text-based programming environments for introductory computing classes at the college level has been accepted to the ACM Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE) Technical Symposium 2020. Not only has it been […]


INIT and Ruiz Labs celebrate Halloween!

A few weeks ago, the UF Department of CISE held their 2nd annual Halloween decorating contest! The INIT and Ruiz Labs participated again this year and the theme was “Haunted Movie Theatre,” in which your favorite scary movie characters come to life! We had a great time and can’t wait […]


Blanchard paper receives Honorable Mention at VL/HCC 2019!

INIT Lab PhD student Jeremiah Blanchard recently attended the VL/HCC 2019 conference in Memphis, TN, to present his paper: “Effects of Code Representation on Student Perceptions and Attitudes Toward Programming,” which was announced in a previous blog post here. At the conference, he received an “Honorable Mention” award, which represents […]


Paper to appear at VL/HCC 2019!

The INIT Lab is happy to announce that PhD student (and full-time UF CISE lecturer) Jeremiah Blanchard‘s work has been accepted for publication at the upcoming VL/HCC conference: the IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages & Human-Centric Computing. The conference will be held in Memphis, TN, in October. The paper presents […]


IDC2019 Course on Quantitative Methods for Child-Computer Interaction!

At the recent Interaction Design & Children (IDC) 2019 conference, INIT Lab Director Dr. Lisa Anthony gave a crash course in quantitative research methods, and how to apply and adapt them to child-computer interaction. Topics covered include: the types of research questions that can be answered with quantitative methods, experiment […]


INIT Lab co-authored paper appears at IEEE S&P 2019!

The INIT Lab has its first paper on usable privacy and security! In a collaboration with UF FICS (Florida Institute for Cybersecurity Research) faculty member Dr. Patrick Traynor, INIT Lab director Dr. Lisa Anthony contributed to a paper investigating the reasons that security measures at pay-at-the-pump gas station terminals fail. […]


Retrospective on the MTAGIC project’s 5 years of studies of children’s touchscreen interactions now published at IJHCS!

For five years, the INIT lab (and our past and present collaborators!) was engaged in an NSF-funded research project to study physical dimensions of children’s touchscreen interaction use, e.g., what happens when they try to acquire onscreen targets or make onscreen gestures. The project, called “Mobile Touch and Gesture Interaction […]


Ethics and child-computer interaction in the era of big data: new “interactions” article co-authored by INIT Lab.

As part of the ACM SIGCHI 2018 conference, INIT Lab director Lisa Anthony helped co-organize a ‘special interest group’ (SIG) session on child-computer interaction. This SIG is organized by some of the child-computer interaction research community every year. This year, the topic was “Ubiquity and Big Data“: how do we […]


Honorable Mention at MobileHCI for recent INIT Lab co-authored paper!

Recently, we posted about a paper that Lisa co-authored with long-time collaborators, Radu-Daniel Vatavu and Jacob O. Wobbrock, that appeared at MobileHCI’2018. The paper presented some optimizations for our well-known $P gesture recognition algorithm to make it feasible to run on low-resource devices. The new algorithm is called $Q. For […]


INIT Lab paper on children’s touchscreen collaborations to appear at CSCW 2018!

We are proud to be able to say that our lab has had a paper accepted to the upcoming ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work & Social Computing (CSCW) 2018 conference! This paper presents an analysis of children interacting around a large touchscreen tabletop display, in particular examining some previously proposed design […]


UXPA article on children’s touchscreen interactions now live!

And now for something a little different! The INIT Lab has long been conducting research on how children’s physical capabilities (e.g., motor skills development) affects their interactions with touchscreen devices like iPads and smartphones. Other researchers, like Alexis Hiniker and her former advisor Julie A. Kientz, both at the University […]


INIT Lab collaboration results in new gesture recognizer to appear at MobileHCI’2018!

We are excited to announced that there is a new member of the $-family of gesture recognizers! A paper on a new super-quick recognizer optimized for today’s low-resource devices (e.g., wearable, embedded, and mobile devices) that I (Lisa) co-wrote with my long-time collaborators, Radu-Daniel Vatavu and Jacob O. Wobbrock, will […]


INIT Lab director Lisa Anthony honored to receive an undergraduate mentoring award!

I am pleased to be able to say that I was recently honored with the UF Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering Faculty Advising/Mentor of the Year Award for 2017-2018. This award focuses on undergraduate research and mentoring, an activity which I prioritize heavily in my research lab and other activities […]


Pose project: poster paper to appear at Eurographics 2018 conference!

The INIT Lab Kids Pose project has had a poster paper accepted to the upcoming Eurographics conference, to be held in Delft, The Netherlands, in April 2018. This project is a collaboration with the Jain Lab, directed by Dr. Eakta Jain, also at UF CISE, and focuses on understanding the […]


INIT Lab paper on co-design of intelligent user interfaces accepted to CHI’2018!

We are pleased to share that our paper “Using Co-Design to Examine How Children Conceptualize Intelligent Interfaces” has been accepted to the upcoming ACM SIGCHI 2018 conference, to be held in April in Montreal, Canada! The first author is our own former undergraduate star, Julia Woodward, who is now a […]


INIT Lab PhD Student Alex Shaw wins Best Student Paper at ICMI 2017!

In our last post, we shared that we had a paper accepted to the ACM International Conference on Multimodal Interaction (ICMI) 2017, to be held in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. The paper was titled “Comparing Human and Machine Recognition of Children’s Touchscreen Gestures.” We just came back from the conference and […]


Museum Learning project is now NSF funded!

After much pilot work, the IPES/TGIL Museum Learning Project (now TIDESS, see below) has now received funding from the National Science Foundation to continue our work! We will be funded under the Advancing Informal STEM Learning program, and will be taking our work on interactive tabletop exhibits for science learning […]

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POSE Project: TAP paper presented at SAP2016.

In our last post, we shared the news that our POSE project paper “Is the motion of a child perceivably different than the motion of an adult?” was accepted to the journal, ACM Transactions on Applied Perception. We had actually submitted the paper to the ACM Symposium on Applied Perception, […]


POSE Project: TAP paper accepted!

In a previous post, we talked about a project in which we were using the Kinect to track the motion of children and adults. We took the motion we captured and conducted an applied perception study, which we are pleased to announce has been accepted for publication into ACM Transactions […]


IPES Museum Learning Project: IDC 2016 paper accepted!

In previous posts, we have talked about our observations of museum visitors interacting with Google Earth on touch-enabled large-screen displays mounted on the wall or as a tabletop. We are pleased to announce that our paper, “Gestures by Children and Adults on Touch Tables and Touch Walls in a Public […]

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