FunFitTech Project: More affinity diagramming

In our previous update, we were in the process of conducting affinity diagramming sessions to walk the data collected from our focus group sessions with children. Based on our affinity diagram, we extracted themes and brainstormed design ideas for the motion-based exercise game. We next consulted with several domain experts, that is, gym and physical education teachers, to better understand what components of exercise to include in the game. We met with them over the course of several weeks and covered topics such as how they structure, assess, and motivate their classes’ physical activities. The responses from this session will help us ensure that the design ideas we come up with for the game satisfy needs for physical exertion in approved ways and motivate children to stay active. Currently, we are using affinity diagramming to understand the themes that emerged from these design consultations. These themes will be compared to those generated from the children’s focus groups to validate/expand upon our previously brainstormed design ideas.

Working on the FunFitTech project has been an informative experience as it has introduced me to the field of movement-based games, which is one of my research interests. Also, it has reinforced my knowledge on UX design concepts such as focus groups, affinity diagramming, and brainstorming design ideas. Furthermore, I improved my leadership abilities after experienced being a project leader who makes decisions on the next steps for the project.