The INIT Lab has been lucky to receive funding from several federal grant agencies and industry sponsors.

Think Globally, Interact Locally: Advancing Science Learning using Interactive Spherical Displays to Model Global, Physical Systems

NSF Award #s: 1612485 (Sep 2016 to Aug 2018)
PI: Kathryn Stofer, Co-PI: Lisa Anthony

This grant is funding our investigation into the affordances of touch-interactive spherical displays for learning, especially in the context of visualizations of data representing global ocean phenomena over time.

Projects Partially or Fully Supported:

CAREER: Natural User Interfaces for Children

NSF Award #s: 1552598 (Jan 2016 to Dec 2020)
PI: Lisa Anthony

This grant is funding our investigation into multimodal interaction with natural user interface modalities, like touch, gesture, whole body, and speech, for elementary school children ages 5 to 10.

Projects Partially or Fully Supported:

HCC: Small: Collaborative Research: Mobile Gesture Interaction for Kids: Sensing, Recognition, and Error Recovery

NSF Award #s: 1218395 / 1433228 (Sep 2012 – Aug 2017)
PI: Lisa Anthony (Collaborative with Quincy Brown, formerly of Bowie State University)

This grant funded our investigation into touch and gesture interaction on smartphones and other devices by children versus adults. It established that children ages 5 to 10 exhibit significantly different input behaviors with these modalities on these devices than adults or even older children like teenagers.

Projects Partially or Fully Supported:

Wacom, Inc.

We received a gift of equipment from Wacom to enable some of our studies with children and touchscreen interaction. In particular, we used this equipment in our tablet study, published at ICMI 2017.

Projects Partially or Fully Supported: