INIT Lab undergrad presents her TIDESS work at UF’s Undergraduate Research Day! #latertweet #tidess

INIT Lab undergraduate student Ailish Tierney has been a member of the lab and the TIDESS project since the Fall of 2019. Academic year 2021-2022 was her senior year and we are proud of her for getting accepted into the UF Undergraduate Scholars Program (USP), which provides undergraduates with a funded opportunity to work on research and present it at the UF Undergraduate Research Symposium in April. Ailish presented a piece of the project she led which involved creating a Unity-based virtual spherical display interface that mirrored our physical sphere prototype. This virtual sphere was really essential during the COVID-19 pandemic, during which in-person human-subjects research was too risky. Ailish presented her work in the form of a poster, entitled “Designing a Virtual Interface to Compare with a Physical Counterpart“, and you can see a photo of her at the event below. Ailish graduated and began her full-time position as a software engineer at UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) in May. Congratulations, Ailish!