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SIGCSE2021 paper accepted!

Former INIT Lab PhD student Jeremiah Blanchard is continuing to wrap up publication of his final dissertation-related studies and data analysis. We are proud to announce that he has recently had a paper accepted to the upcoming ACM Special Interest… Read More

Upcoming paper to appear at SIGCSE’2020!

INIT Lab PhD student (and full-time UF CISE lecturer) Jeremiah Blanchard‘s latest paper on hybrid blocks- and text-based programming environments for introductory computing classes at the college level has been accepted to the ACM Special Interest Group on Computer Science… Read More

Paper to appear at VL/HCC 2019!

The INIT Lab is happy to announce that PhD student (and full-time UF CISE lecturer) Jeremiah Blanchard‘s work has been accepted for publication at the upcoming VL/HCC conference: the IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages & Human-Centric Computing. The conference will… Read More

Bridging Languages Project: Middle school study

It’s been a long time since my last update, so there’s lots to cover! As a recap, I have been investigating hybrid environments, which provide multiple representations of the same code. In particular, I’ve been looking into Pencil Code, which… Read More