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INIT and Ruiz Labs celebrate Halloween!

A few weeks ago, the UF Department of CISE held their 2nd annual Halloween decorating contest! The INIT and Ruiz Labs participated again this year and the theme was “Haunted Movie Theatre,” in which your favorite scary movie characters come… Read More

Completing the Website

In my last post, I talked about themes, screen size, proportions, and looking at other lab’s websites to understand what our site should have. The new website is complete. In my last post, I talked about themes, screen size, proportions,… Read More

Moving from Drupal to WordPress

The INIT lab is updating their website by moving from Drupal to WordPress. Our purpose is to increase awareness of the research we conduct here at UF. Drupal uses blocks and modules whereas WordPress has a greater access to themes… Read More

Welcome to the INIT Website!

Introducing the INIT Lab Website! Check out the About page for information about the INIT Lab and the Research Page to see our projects and what we are researching! Curious about who is involved with the INIT Lab? Check out… Read More