New collaborative project for the INIT Lab looking at the design of AR-based intelligent assistive agents! #latertweet

The INIT Lab is supporting a new project, being funded by DARPA and led by Ruiz HCI Lab director and project PI Dr. Jaime Ruiz, on how to design more effective intelligent agents for real-time AR-based (augmented reality) task guidance. Our specific project focus is “ENKIx: Enabling Knowledgeable Task Guidance In the Extremes,” meaning, the “extremes” of human perception and environmental challenges. We are collaborating with a diverse team including researchers at UF in the CISE department (Dr. James Fairbanks) and the ISE department (Dr. Dave Kaber), as well as at other institutions like Texas A&M (Dr. Maryam Zahabi) and the Topos Institute (Dr. Evan Patterson). The DARPA program officer is Dr. Bruce Draper and fits into a larger context of creating computer systems that can more effectively communicate and work with humans as part of a team. For more on this four-year, multimillion-dollar project and our goals, see the CISE department press release here.