Kinder-Gator: The UF Kinect Database of Child and Adult Motion


Aloba, A., Flores, G., Woodward, J., Shaw, A., Castonguay, A., Cuba, I., Dong, Y., Jain, E.and Anthony, L. 2018. Kinder-Gator: The UF Kinect Database of Child and Adult Motion. EUROGRAPHICS Proceedings, Delft, Netherlands, April 16-20, 2018, 4 pages. [pdf]


Research has suggested that children’s whole-body motions are different from those of adults. However, research on children’s motions, and how these motions differ from those of adults, is limited. One possible reason for this limited research is that there are few motion capture (mocap) datasets for children, with most datasets focusing on adults instead. There are even fewer datasets that have both children’s and adults’ motions to allow for comparison between them. To address these problems, we present Kinder-Gator, a new dataset of ten children and ten adults performing whole-body motions in front of the Kinect v1.0. The data contains RGB and 3D joint positions for 58 motions, such as wave, walk in place, kick, and point, which have been manually labeled according to the category of the participant (child vs. adult), and the motion being performed. We believe this dataset will be useful in supporting research and applications in animation and whole-body motion recognition and interaction.”

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