Toward a Systematic Understanding of Children’s Touchscreen Gestures


Shaw, A. and Anthony, L. 2016. Toward a Systematic Understanding of Children’s Touchscreen Gestures. Extended Abstracts of the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI’2016), San Jose, California, USA, May 7-12, pages 1752-1759.


“This paper presents ongoing work on characterizing children’s touchscreen surface gesture interactions. We report a preliminary analysis of gestures elicited from children ages 5 to 10. We focus specifically on the differences among gestures made by children of various ages. Continuation of this project will consist of further in-depth analysis and a systematic characterization of these gestures. This work will help create a deeper understanding of the way children make gestures and, in turn, motivate new ways in which we can design better touchscreen interactions and gesture recognition algorithms for children.”