MTAGIC team starts the summer off with momentum

At the time of my last post back in March, the MTAGIC team was recruiting for our study; these past few months, we have been finishing up the study. Originally we planned to be done earlier in the spring semester, but we did not get the total number of participants we were aiming for, so we decided to do another round of study sessions. Fortunately, we were able to reach our target number of thirty children during our second round of experiments. Our next steps will be to validate all participant data and analyze the data. The project is moving along nicely and so far we seem to be on track with the goals of the team. We are excited to dig into the data and see what input behavior patterns we will find. Our plan is to have the analysis done and write a paper for CHI 2016, which is due in September. It will be refreshing once our work is published and all of our work has paid off. I will be away for an internship this summer and will continue to work with the team remotely to contribute to the paper as much as my time allows. Looking forward to the great things to come.

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