Aishat Aloba, PhD in Human-Centered Computing, TBD

Aishat Aloba, PhD in Human-Centered Computing, TBD

Aishat Aloba is a member of the INIT Lab. She is the lab manager in charge of maintaining lab resources. Aishat is currently working on the Kids Pose project, where she is focusing on quantifying the differences between child and adult motion. She also works on the FunFitTech project, where she focuses on designing exertion games (games that combine physical activity and play) that can sustain children’s motivation to exercise in the long-term. Aishat’s research interests include child-centered computing, human-centered computing, whole-body interaction, and motion-based games.


Position: Graduate Research Assistant
Projects: Wacom and Kids Pose Project


Jain, E., Anthony, L., Aloba, A., Castonguay, A., Cuba, I., Shaw, A., and Woodward, J. 2016. Is the motion of a child perceivably different from the motion of an adult? ACM Transactions on Applied Perception, Volume 13, Issue 4, Article 22, July 2016. [PDF]


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