Julia Woodward, BS in Digital Arts and Sciences, 2017

Julia Woodward, BS in Digital Arts and Sciences, 2017

Julia Woodward is the Lab Manager and an Undergraduate Research Assistant for the INIT Lab. She is responsible for creating and maintaining the INIT Lab website, and is also working on the MTAGIC Project user studies. Julia also created the lab logos and is mainly interested in Human-Computer interaction and UX research.

Contact Information

Email = woodward@cise.ufl.edu
Position at INIT Lab = Undergraduate Research Assistant / Lab Manager
Personal Webpage = http://juliawoodward.wordpress.com/
Projects = MTAGIC


Woodward, J., Shaw, A., Luc, A., Craig, B., Das, J., Hall Jr, P., Holla, A., Irwin, G., Sikich, D., Brown, Q., Anthony, L. 2016. Characterizing How Interface Complexity Affects Children’s Touchscreen Interactions. ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing (CHI’2016), San Jose, CA, 7 May 2016, p.1921-1933. [Pdf]

Jain, E., Anthony, L., Aloba, A., Castonguay, A., Cuba, I., Shaw, A., and Woodward, J. 2016. Is the motion of a child perceivably different from the motion of an adult? ACM Transactions on Applied Perception, Volume 13, Issue 4, Article 22, July 2016. [Pdf]


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