Aishat gets accepted to ICMI 2019 Doctoral Consortium!

In previous posts, we have discussed our ongoing work on understanding the differences between child and adult motions to improve recognition of children’s motions. My paper, “Tailoring Motion Recognition Systems to Children’s Motions”, was accepted to the 2019 International Conference on Multimodal Interaction (ICMI) Doctoral Consortium! The doctoral consortium provides an opportunity for PhD students who are at the stage of proposing their dissertation to share their dissertation plans with outside researchers and receive feedback. The paper focuses on my ongoing work and future research plans for my doctoral dissertation. Here is the abstract:

Motion-based applications are becoming increasingly popular among children and require accurate motion recognition to ensure meaningful interactive experiences. However, motion recognizers are usually trained on adults’ motions. Children and adults differ in terms of their body proportions and stages of development of their neuromuscular systems, so children and adults will likely perform motions differently. Therefore, motion recognizers tailored to adults will likely perform poorly for children. My PhD thesis will focus on identifying features that characterize children’s and adults’ motions. This set of features will provide a model that can be used to understand children’s natural motion qualities and will serve as the first step in tailoring recognizers to children’s motions. This paper describes my past and ongoing work toward this end and outlines the next steps in my PhD work.

Interested readers can find the camera-ready version here. The ICMI 2019 conference will be held in Suzhou, China in October.

I am a fourth year PhD student at UF. My participation at the ICMI doctoral consortium will allow me to present my research ideas, receive feedback from researchers with varied experience and expertise in research, and network with peers and mentors, who can help with my development, both academically and professionally.