MTAGIC Project: Prep up for the next phase

Since our last update on the MTAGIC project last semester [MTAGIC blogpost], we have been continuing analysis of our dataset from the adults in our study. I’m working on the mobile applications for the user studies involving children. The team has been working on analyzing the data that was collected from the previous user studies. I’m also learning how to represent some of the data we collected graphically so that they can be understood easily. The graphs I am working on depict the way in which users interact with the aforementioned applications in terms of the location of touch. They show the proximity of the touch from the target location, for both adults and children. See Figure 3 in our paper from the ITS conference in 2012 for an example [ITS conference 2012]. Since the adult user studies have been completed, we’re ready to start user studies involving children this semester.

Currently, I’m pursuing a Masters degree in Computer Science. I joined the INIT lab this fall. My interests lie in Machine Learning, Data Structures and HCI. I was drawn to the MTAGIC project because of its interesting concept. We’re in an age when everybody uses touch devices, young and old alike. It is, therefore very important that all classes of users have the luxury of a good touch interaction experience. Through MTAGIC, I wish to go deeper into this aspect of computer science and learn about the various phases of project development. Working in the lab isn’t just a means to gain expertise in technical concepts but it also teaches you how to work in a team and develop better behavioral skills. It is truly a learning experience that covers a wide expanse of new experiences for me.

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