MTAGIC Project: Target analysis

In our last update about MTAGIC we were validating the data and starting to do analysis and looking for patterns. Since then we have finished our analysis and have submitted a paper to a conference on human computer interaction. Some aspects that we looked at during our target analysis was touch pressure and size, response time, and the effect of holdovers which we classify as when touches are located in the same vicinity as the previous target, instead of the current target. We found very interesting results by looking at the interactions with and without complexity, and also between children and adults. By looking at the touch interactions for the target activities, we were able to see where complexity had an effect, and we found some surprising results on where it had an effect or not. We will announce the results of the paper and post the abstract and paper when it gets accepted.

Writing the research paper was definitely a learning experience for me because it was the first one I have ever written. One challenge was trying to consolidate all of the research that we had done and deciding what the most interesting findings were. I am happy that we found really interesting results and I am looking forward to more research projects.

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