IPES Museum Learning Project: Continued prototyping

The IPES Museum Learning Project prototype is developing substantially since the last update. We are currently improving the prototype tabletop display to explore ways to make a great interactive exhibit. We are in the process of improving lag issues and building features such as gestures and aesthetic structures to engage the user. Continuing to use the observations collected at the Oregon Hatfield Marine Science Center, we’ve begun to define gestures that would be tested by users, such as tapping, zooming, pinching, and rotating. By adding customizable gestures, this prototype will serve as a rapid prototyping platform for trying out new interface designs. In adding new features and gestures to the prototype, it can allow for a more in-depth experience by the user and can allow for a greater analysis of the ways in which people interact with this exhibit.

I am a 2nd year Computer Science student at the University of Florida. With this new side of the project, I am getting hands on experience working with a tabletop display and programming new features on the interface, while keeping in mind the ways that users will need or want to interact with the display. It has been a great experience so far, and I am excited to continue building my skills in this aspect.

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