Touch Interaction for Data Engagement with Science on Spheres (TIDESS)

Imagery processed in collaboration with Gene Feldman and Norman Kuring, NASA OceanColor Group

The purpose of the TIDESS project is to investigate ways that children and adults engage with and learn from large-scale interactive displays (touch table and touch spherical display) in a science museum context. We have created a prototype on a Microsoft Surface touch table that displays ocean temperature visualizations for use in pilot studies and lab studies. We hope to use the information gathered through these studies to iteratively prototype and to inform design for these platforms that will better engage children and adults for science museum learning. We are working on the project with Dr. Kathryn Stofer at UF.

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TIDESS Publications

Refereed Conference Papers

1. Anthony, L., Stofer, K.A., Luc, A., and Wobbrock, J.O. 2016. Gestures by Children and Adults on Touch Tables and Touch Walls in a Public Science Center. Proceedings of the ACM Interaction Design and Children Conference (IDC’2016), Manchester, UK, 22 Jun 2016, to appear. [Pdf]


This work is partially supported by National Science Foundation Grant Awards #DRL-1612485. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this paper are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect these agencies’ views.