POSE Project: TAP paper presented at SAP2016.

In our last post, we shared the news that our POSE project paper “Is the motion of a child perceivably different than the motion of an adult?” was accepted to the journal, ACM Transactions on Applied Perception. We had actually submitted the paper to the ACM Symposium on Applied Perception, and ours was one of 4 top papers selected to be recommended for publication in TAP.

We also got to present the paper at the symposium itself. I’ve recently returned from SAP and I very much enjoyed my first SIGGRAPH-related event! There were a lot of papers on virtual or augmented reality and understanding human perceptual abilities and limitations so that we can design better future interactions and graphics output. Our paper was one of the only ones on whole-body interaction. For a storify of my tweets during the SAP event, click here.

Click here for a link to our paper, our presentation slides, and the poster we made to be displayed at SIGGRAPH. For more information about our project, check out the project page here!

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