Kids Application Survey Project

The main purpose of the Kids Application survey project is to help generate constructive recommendations for designing touchscreen interfaces specifically tailored towards kids. In our current study, we are taking inspiration by surveying interfaces of existing kid’s applications and are trying to decipher common interface/design patterns. We are presently in the process of creating categories for different aspects like Graphics, Gestures, etc. commonly found in kid’s applications which would help us understand interface patterns. These patterns would later help in drafting the analysis that would serve as a useful tool for developers to make more relevant kids application interfaces. We will be running our study on most downloaded kid’s applications (compatible with iPad/iPod Touch/iPhone/Android) under different categories.

I am a Master’s Student at University of Florida studying computer science. This qualitative analysis process has helped me gain a good understanding in conducting research. We are targeting to collect patterns from 100 applications. The next phase of project would include coding the patterns encountered from the analyzed data.

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