Annie Luc, BS in Computer Science, 2018

Annie Luc, BS in Computer Science, 2018

Annie Luc is a member of the INIT Lab and is working on the TIDESS project. The project is jointly conducted by Dr. Anthony and Dr. Stofer from the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences at UF. She is analyzing patterns between visitor interactions with different interactive platforms. Annie is interested in Human-Computer Interaction and data analysis.

Contact Information

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Position at INIT Lab = Undergraduate Research Assistant


Anthony, L., Stofer, K.A., Luc, A., and Wobbrock, J.O. 2016. Gestures by Children and Adults on Touch Tables and Touch Walls in a Public Science Center. Proceedings of the ACM Interaction Design and Children Conference (IDC’2016), Manchester, UK, 22 Jun 2016, to appear. [Pdf]

Woodward, J., Shaw, A., Luc, A., Craig, B., Das, J., Hall Jr, P., Holla, A., Irwin, G., Sikich, D., Brown, Q., Anthony, L. 2016. Characterizing How Interface Complexity Affects Children’s Touchscreen Interactions. ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing (CHI’2016), San Jose, CA, 7 May 2016, p.1921-1933. [Pdf]


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