INIT Lab director Lisa Anthony honored to receive an undergraduate mentoring award!

I am pleased to be able to say that I was recently honored with the UF Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering Faculty Advising/Mentor of the Year Award for 2017-2018. This award focuses on undergraduate research and mentoring, an activity which I prioritize heavily in my research lab and other activities as a professor at UF. As a former undergraduate research student myself, I know the power of getting involved in research early. Before that opportunity came along, I really didn’t know what research was, or what career paths were available in this direction. After getting a taste of cutting-edge computer science research, I knew I wanted to remain part of the forward-thinking group of scientists that were helping push technology ahead. In my research lab, I have worked with many undergraduates, most of whom stay for multiple semesters and eventually lead their own research projects. For me, the best part of this award was getting to read the letters that students wrote to describe how they felt being involved in my lab and how the mentorship I provided helped them in their careers. Working with students, showing them the opportunities in research, and training the next generation of scientists is what this is all about, to me. Here’s a photo of the president of the University of Florida, Dr. Fuchs, presenting the award to me at the College awards ceremony, taken by a University photographer. Thank you for the honor!